Dancing With The Scars: Finding Hope When Life Hurts

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Dancing With The Scars: Finding Hope When Life Hurts by Barry Stagner.

My desire for the reader of Dancing with the Scars is that anyone, no matter what road they may have taken to arrive there, might learn how to restore hope when life hurts--that hearts and minds would mend and begin to experience hope, joy, and peace once again. I know that it's possible, because with God nothing is impossible! Yet sometimes we forget, as do others around us, that restoring hope isn't an instantaneous thing. It takes time, and it requires taking risks and even unwanted steps at times. But hope can be found again! It can be restored, no matter what may have caused it to be lost in the first place.
Hope doesn't return without help, and the power required to restore hope comes from without and not from within. People who have been traumatized by life are often pointed to their inner selves or asked to tap into the strength within themselves. Such requests are like dropping a bucket down an empty well trying to draw up water. The great "hope restorer" is none other than God himself, a source of power outside of ourselves, who alone has the capacity to do things in the hearts, minds, and emotions of people whom life has wounded terribly.
I've compiled ten chapters that deal with some common life events that can bring about hopelessness, and the topics in each chapter are very specific and by no means exhaustive. This isn't a book of statistics or medical causes and cures, but it is a book that points you to the Worker of miracles--the one who can turn "mourning into dancing"; the one who can restore the years that have been eaten away with hopelessness, and who can not only help you to live life again but to do so with joy!