The Rapture by Don Stewart

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When will the Rapture of the Church take place?
At some future time, believers in Jesus Christ will be caught up to meet Him in the air when the Lord descends from heaven. Those who have died in Christ will be raised at that time. This is what the Bible says will take place. However, Christians are divided as to exactly when this will happen. In The Rapture of The Church, Don Stewart looks at the various views about the timing of the rapture. He presents the strengths and weaknesses of each position and then concludes that the pre-tribulation rapture view best explains all of the facts. He answers questions such as ...
  • Why should we study the subject of the rapture?
  • What are the best arguments for each rapture position?
  • How should we live in light of the coming of the Lord?
This is an important book for all those who seek to understand what the Scripture has to say about the subject of the rapture.